The area known as Pirgiotika in Nafplio is situated to the East of Argolida on the national road between Epidaurus and Nafplio and is just 6.5km from Nafplio. The name of the village derives from the village called Pirgaki in the Yortinia area of the Arcadia region. The villagers of Pirgiotika were shepherds in times gone by and they are originally Arcadians.

The winters were very cold for the shepherds in Arcadia and they had to move their herd to flatter areas for their winter quarters. The shepherds of Pirgaki in Arcadia chose their own area to shepherd the herd during the winter. In summer they returned to the Yortinia area where the climate was cooler. Slowly, a lot of sheperds’ families built houses and from 1910 onwards they lived in Pirgiotika permanently. From then on, they called the village Pirgiotika.

Today, the village has 278 permanent inhabitants who are mostly involved in farming. The village has a primary school, Agios Georgios Metropolis Church that has its annual festival on 23rd April, a medical centre, an association, a square and a playground.


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